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OUR Education Partners

The National Center for High Technology (CeNAT) – El Centro Nacional de Alta Tecnología is an important education partner of Greenleaf Education Costa Rica.

Established in 1999, CeNAT is a specialized body, which promotes – through high-technology – spaces for linkages between academia, government and the productive sectors of Costa Rica in different fields of high technology, for research, innovation and entrepreneurship. CeNAT supports efforts conducted by public university centers, private and governmental projects in order to maximize development of national competencies in the areas of environmental management; materials science and engineering; biotechnology and advanced computing.

Environmental Management (Gestion Ambientál) is the area of CeNAT that works in collaboration with universities, CONARE, the government and the private sector, in order to articulate actions for the protection of the environment. Gestion Ambientál focuses on the following topics:

  • To promote research that stimulates the use of clean and environmentally-friendly technologies
  • To educate on the application of technological tools as fundamentals for studies and actions in favor of the environment
  • To assess the productive sector in the search for sustainable alternatives for their processes
  • To support policies that strengthen the environmental governance and laws of Costa Rica

Greenleaf Education Costa Rica is proud to partner with CeNAT in its goal of linking research, innovation and entrepreneurship in high technology to facilitate the welfare and sustainable development of the people of Costa Rica.

INVENIO University, in Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica, is one of our education partners. An innovative, private learning institution with a 130 hectare (321 acre) campus located near Lake Arenal.

Some of Greenleaf Education Costa Rica’s course offerings are co-branded with INVENIO and credit is granted through INVENIO University Extension. INVENIO University is fully accredited by  Ministry of Education of the Government of the Republic of Costa Rica. INVENIO and Greenleaf Education Costa Rica share the belief in education as a tool for social development and share a deep commitment to sustainable development.

INVENIO University Campus

More about INVENIO University:

“La Educacion Como Solucion,” – “Education as a Solution.”  More than a slogan it is a way of life at INVENIO.

Theory and academics are important but so are applied skills, emotional intelligence and attitude. INVENIO promotes entrepreneurial and innovative thinking in its learners within the framework of a community commitment to social, environmental, and economic sustainability. INVENIO utilizes the German system of DUAL education; combining theoretical and classroom based learning with practical experience with partners such as Boston Scientific, FT Technologies, Ad Astra Rocket (selected by NASA to develope new engine technologies for space travel) , Florida Ice and Farm Company, TechShop, Cisco Systems, CEMEX, CVG Alunasa and others. INVENIO students get real life experience in the private sector during their studies, giving them major advantages post graduation.

Our Accommodation Partners

Rock River Lodge in Rio Piedras is one of our accommodation partners. Situated on a beautiful hillside overlooking Lake Arenal, dozens of windmills, and the mountains across the Lake, the Lodge is operated by wonderful people who are part of our extended family. Great food, comfortable, safe surroundings, and a healthy, happy atmosphere are the reason we choose the Lodge as our primary base. Special diets can usually be handled once you arrange with us in advance.

Our students stay in the Cabinas and the bunkhouse. All are double occupancy with private bathrooms. Students swap from the cabinas to the bunkhouse and vice versa half way through the stay. We will make every effort feasible to accommodate persons with disabilities given the realities of Costa Rica. If you need any special accommodation let us know and we will do everything we realistically can to assist.